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„Taktur, töfrar, tilfinning“ Spring concert was at Gamla bíó on April 10th.
In April Léttsveit Reykjavíkur took part in the gathering of Icelandic Female Choirs in Selfoss and sang at a concert with many choirs from all over Iceland.
„Með eld í æðum“ Christmas Concert was in Eldborg in Harpa Concert Hall on November 27th. This was the first Chrismas Concert to be held in the newly opened Harpa.

Concert in Montserrat Monsetry, Spain June 2012

On April 7th Léttsveit Reykjavíkur sang at a concert held by Kvennakór Reykjavíkur to celebrate their 20th anniversary.The Concert was held in Eldborg in Harpa Concert Hall. Various other female choirs also took part in the celebrations.
„Douze points“ Spring Concert was at Grafarvogskirkja on May 5th.
Léttsveit Reykjavíkur travelled to Höfn in Hornafjörður later in May and sang at a concert in Nýheimar, Höfn.
In place of the annual Christmas Concert Léttsveit Reykjavíkur held a concert in Háskólabíó under the name of „ Í sjöunda himni“

Singing with four other Women's Choirs in Harpa Concert Hall April 2013

Concert in spring 2013

Concert Háskólabíó November 2013

„Láttu sjá þig“ Spring concert was at Silfurberg in Harpa Concert Hall on April 9th. Léttsveit Reykjavíkur travelled to Akureyri to take part in the the gathering of Icelandic female choirs which was held there during May9th-11th.The festival concluded with 500 women singing together on stage in the Hof Concert Hall in Akureyri.
„Sveinki sjarmur“ Christmas Concert was at Langholtskirkja on Desember 6th.

Concert in Harpa April 2014

Concert in Harpa 2015 on the 20th anniversery